Code of Ethics for Directors and Employees

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Directors and employees are required to display the highest levels of professionalism in all aspects of their work and comply with this Code of Ethics (the “Code”) and all applicable laws, regulations and other policies applicable within the Group.

The Board oversees compliance with the Code and reviews the Code regularly to ensure that it continues to remain relevant and appropriate.

  1. To act in the best interests of the Group.
  2. Not to engage directly or indirectly in any business activity that competes or conflicts with the Group’s interests or which divide his or her loyalty to the Group.
  3. Not to trade in securities or not to provide information to others to trade in securities of the Company until the price-sensitive information is publicly released.
  4. Not to conduct business other than the Group’s business during office hours.
  5. Not to solicit or accept gifts, payments, loans, services or any form of compensation from suppliers, customers, competitors or others seeking to do business with the Group.
  6. To comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of each country in which the Company does business.
  7. To keep confidential any important information about the Group that has not been disclosed to unauthorized recipients.
  8. To protect the Group’s funds, assets, resources and information and shall not use them to pursue personal opportunities or gain.