Corporate Disclosure Policy

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  1. Introduction
    The Corporate Disclosure Policy (“this Policy”) of Magni-Tech Industries Berhad  (“Magni or the Company”) sets out the requirements for disclosure including the quality of disclosure to provide shareholders and investing public with comprehensive, accurate and quality information on a timely basis.
    This Policy applies to all directors, management and employees of Magni Group (“the Group”). It outlines the Group’s approach toward the determination and dissemination of material information, the circumstances under which the confidentiality of information will be maintained, and restrictions on insider trading. It also provides guidelines in order to achieve consistent disclosure practices across the Group.
  2. Objective

    This Policy aims to achieve the following objectives:

    1. To promote and demonstrate a high standard of integrity and transparency through timely, accurate, quality and complete disclosure of material information.
    2. To build good investor relations with the shareholders and investing public.
  3. Designated Spokeperson

    The Magni Group designated the following Authorised Spokespersons for overseeing and coordinating the disclosure of material information. The list of the Authorised Spokespersons is as follows:-

    (a) Chairman
    (b) Managing Director
    (c) any person who is authorised by the Chairman or Managing Director or the Board
  4. Mode of Disclosure

    The Company makes use of brand of communication channels to disseminate information regarding the Group, which include electronic facilities provided by Bursa Malaysia, press releases, corporate website, email, general meetings and other briefing materials.

  5. Principle of Disclosure Control
    The Company has adopted the following principles and procedures to bridge and enhance the relationship with the shareholders and investing public :
    1. Immediate disclosure of Material Information
      Any material information that is reasonably expected to have a material effect on the price value or market activity of the shares or the investors’ decision making, must be announced immediately to Bursa Malaysia.
    2. Withholding of Material information and maintaining confidentially
      Material information may be kept confidential temporarily if the immediate disclosure would prejudice the ability of the Company to pursue its corporate objectives. In such a case, the Company must ensure that the confidential information is securely held to prevent from leakage.
    3. Restriction of Insider Trading
      Directors or Employees who possess undisclosed material information are prohibited from dealing directly or indirectly in the Company’s securities unless the information has been publicly disclosed at least one full market day from the date of the announcement of material information.
    4. Unusual Market Activity (“UMA”)
      The Company will undertake due enquiry when there is unusual trading activity or price movement of the Company’s securities upon receipt of a written UMA query from Bursa Malaysia. Upon determination of the cause, the Company should issue a clarifying announcement on an immediate basis.
    5. Market Speculation or Rumour
      As a general rule, the Company will not comment on any market speculation or rumour unless otherwise decided by the Board or as required by Bursa Malaysia.
    6. Company & Website
      The Company’s website, provides an avenue for the shareholders and the investing public to access information pertaining to the Group’s profile, business and investor updates.  The Company must ensure that its website is regularly updated with its latest disclosures.
  6. Periodic Disclosure
    The quarterly interim financial results are prepared in the format which is in compliance with the Listing Requirements and is announced to Bursa Malaysia after approved by the Board.
    The Annual Report / Circular to shareholder (if applicable) will be printed and distributed to shareholders at stipulated timeframe required under Listing Requirements.
  7. Review of Policy

    This Policy shall be reviewed by the Board as and when necessary and may be amended as the Board may deem appropriate.