Magni > Shareholders
Number of Issued Shares
433,950,579 ordinary shares
Number of Issued Shares with voting rights
433,450,579 ordinary shares
Voting Rights
One vote per ordinary share in the case of a poll and one vote per person on a show of hand

Substantial Shareholders

  1. Mr. Tan Poay Seng
    Direct Interest : 103,888,000 shares (23.97%)
  2. Tan Kok Ping, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (TTKP)
    Direct Interest : 28,775,000 shares (6.64%)
  3. KP Holdings Sdn Bhd
    Direct Interest :  56,800,000 shares (13.10%)
    (Deemed Interest of TTKP)
  4. Siyasi Sdn Bhd
    Direct Interest : 28,836,026 shares (6.65%)

Total Direct Interest of Substantial Shareholders
217,999,026 shares(50.29%)